Medical Billing Services

Managing the details of a busy medical practice leaves little time to keep up with rapidly changing healthcare regulations. In order to stay ahead in this fast-paced industry, you need a trustworthy and knowledgeable partner.
That is where Pro Health Billing's comprehensive medical billing services and practice management software can help.

  • Unlike typical medical billing companies, Pro Health Billing goes the extra mile by offering consulting services and fully-integrated practice management software as well as options for electronic medical records/electronic health records.
  • Pro Health Billing offers full and complete medical billing services including but not limited to charge entry, payment entry, insurance billing, patient billing, patient phone calls, and outstanding insurance and patient balance follow-up
  • Your success is our business. Pro Health Billing's services and systems are geared specifically to provide the highest levels of provider reimbursement. Everything we do is aimed at this one goal. Our services and systems are designed to get paid faster, reduce rejections, track claims efficiently, and follow-up on unpaid or mis-adjudicated claims aggressively. This is all done without the hassles, headaches and uncertainties which often accompany in-house billing.
  • More and more companies are sending their billing business overseas to increase their own profits, Pro Health Billing maintains all operations here in America. It is our firm belief that the benefits of knowledgeable, experienced and accessible US-based employees far outweigh any cost savings associated with sending claims for processing to overseas operations.
  • We strive to be a medical billing company that we would like to do business with ourselves – an organization that delivers what it promises, treats you as an important client and someone that understands and values your business.

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